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Minumum Wage for farm workers for 2019

5 Febuary 2019

The new minimum wage for farm workers has come into effect from 1st January 2019. President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the first National Minimum Wage Bill on the 23rd November 2018 after it had been approved by the cabinet in 2017. The National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces both passed the bill in late May 2018, along with the related legislation the Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill and the Labour Relations Amendment Bill.

Download the Bill

All workers are now covered by this bill except some government departments and the military.

Farm workers now earn a minimum of R18.00 an hour. This includes domestic workers and security staff working on a farm. This means all workers on a farm earn this minimum rate. The standard minimum wage of R15.00 per hour for domestic workers does not apply to workers on a farm.

The definition of a farm worker is anyone who works in the agricultural or foresty industry in South Africa.

Minumum Wage for farm workers for 2019

The calculation of the national minimum wage excludes:

  • Any payment made to enable a worker to work including any transport, equipment, tool, food or accommodation allowance, unless specified otherwise in a sectoral determination;
  • Any payment in kind including board or accommodation, unless specified otherwise in a sectoral determination;
  • Gratuities including bonuses, tips or gifts; and
  • Any other prescribed category of payment.


An employee or worker who works for less than four hours on any day must be paid for four hours on that day. This is applicable to employees or workers who earn less than the earnings threshold set by the Minister over time, presently being R205 433.00.

A commission will be setup within 18 months to monitor and revise the minimum wage level.

Any agreement, collective agreement, sectoral determination or employment contract must comply with the minimum wage bill.

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